Creative Industries


Creative industries

Our team has a vast amount of experience of working with new and existing businesses in the creative industries sector which  has long been acknowledged as a field of high self employment and includes the following sub-sectors: advertising, architecture, the art and antiques market, crafts, design, designer fashion, film and video, interactive leisure software, music, the performing arts, publishing, software, computer games, television and radio. This includes writers, editors, journalists and copy writers, graphic designers, web designers, software developers, programmers, technicians, artists, illustrators and professionals working in advertising, marketing and market research. (DCMS, 2011)

Evidence exists to demonstrate that creatives entrepreneurs are often turned off by traditional enterprise programmes and require tailored, specialist support such as incubation and virtual incubation programmes. (NESTA, 2003) and we are able to utilise our vast amount of skills, experience and knowledge to provide tailored support to meet your individual and business needs of creatives.

Recent research shows the UK creative sector has an estimated 182,000 businesses which generates revenues of approximately £100 billion per annum and provides employment for over 2 million people contributing approximately 8% of the UK’s GDP. It is estimated that between 39% – 42% of people working within the sector are classified as self employed whereas for the working population as a whole approximately 12% are classed as self employed. Exports of services by the creative industries totalled £17.3 billion in 2008, equalling 4.1% of all goods and services exported/ (DCMS, 2011)

An increase in creative businesses is often perceived as a catalyst for urban regeneration and the distribution of intellectual property.

“The creative sector represents one of the future great growth prospects for the city and its influence following European Capital of Culture is not only growing, but becoming more important.” – Mike Taylor, Liverpool Vision

The Creative Industries sector on Merseyside employs over 20,000 people in more than 4,500 enterprises and encompasses some 13 sub-sectors ranging from architecture to television.


Based in Liverpool? Are you thinking of starting a creative business? Do you need help, support, funding or training?  Our specialist team of start up business advisors that understand the ethos and needs of creative and digital design enterprises and have a proven successful history getting people started and helping them develop and grow their business models.

We specialise in getting your ideas and businesses off the ground, developing your creative idea, portfolio development, developing business plans, raising funding/grants, connecting you to networks, EU research and development, clients and suppliers. We will support your idea and art and design practice from conception to releasing your full ambition. We fully understand the need to focus on your creative idea and personal art practice.

Make the time to get professional advice. It will save you time and money. We understand you won’t know everything about how to run or set up a business. We can help. Pacificstream  can answer whatever questions you have and provide the professional advice that will help you succeed. The business support services we deliver are FREE for those living and/or setting up their business in Liverpool.


Pacificstream provides specialist advice for creative practitioners. Advisors have over 40 years experience of working within the design industry, including, fine art and digital design, working directly with practitioners and businesses to expand and promote the creative industries on Merseyside making it a centre for quality art and design practice.

We provide practical advice and specialist information to commissioners, businesses and producers of design, design for communication, designer makers and visual arts:

Creative professionals -  Pacificstream offers one-to-one advice sessions for creative professionals giving advice on portfolio development, presentation and where to look for business support and funding;

Businesses, commissioners and clients – Pacificstream offer an impartial service to help purchasers, commissioners and exhibitors of design, visual art and craft identifying the right creative practitioner for their project. We also offer professional advice on all aspects of commissioning processes, bid authoring and fund raising including writing briefs and selection proceedures;

Events and workshops – Pacificstream organise an ongoing programme of events and initiatives targeted at the design industry including specialist workshops and networking events for businesses, freelance designers and visual arts practitioners.

Research – Pacificstream can undertake research for your project or art and design event. Pacificstream has a team of research and marketing specialists that provide a complete range of research depending upon the needs of the client, or project Our staff are highly experienced and have the energy and enthusiasm to achieve results that will lead to informed decision-making.

Please contact us to arrange a portfolio session or for advice on how we can help you achieve your plans




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