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The cultural and creative sectors are faced with a rapidly changing environment driven by the digital shift and globalisation. Being at the crossroads between arts, business and technology, the cultural and creative sectors find themselves in a strategic position to trigger innovation and spill-overs in other sectors. The 2012 Communication on promoting cultural and creative sectors for growth and jobs in the EU contributed to mainstreaming their potential into other EU policies. Beyond possible spill- overs, innovation is also vital within the cultural and creative sectors themselves in order for them to further grow and to adapt to a constantly evolving technological and financial environment.

The decreases in public funding, the challenges of globalisation, the opportunities of digitisation or the increasing empowerment of audiences have already pushed the cultural and creative sectors to test new approaches and to explore new business models. These innovative approaches can be powerful drivers for the strengthening of cultural diversity and for the development of entrepreneurship, as well as for growth, jobs or social inclusion.

Creative Hubs and co-working spaces for cultural and creative professionals and entrepreneurs allow for the fostering of cross sectorial exchanges of experiences and know-how in relation to new business and management models, peer-learning activities and networking among cultural and creative organisations.

Creative hubs have grown at remarkable pace over the past years and are much more than mere shared workspaces. They provide support through services and/or facilities to the ideas, projects, organisations and businesses they host both on a long-term or short-term basis. Creative hubs facilitate collaboration and networking and help to empower their members, offer opportunities to young people in search of jobs to make valuable links with the research and the business community. They also foster communication and audience development and offer capacity building as well as contacts and an inspiring environment towards creation and innovation.

Creative hubs encourage collaboration and create a fertile breeding ground for accelerating the exchange of knowledge and talent and also offer valuable cultural exhibition and event space. Creative hubs can play an important part in the local development, including in programmes for the revitalisation of neighbourhoods. They can help to breathe new life into declined industrial areas and enhance tourism, investment and provide education opportunities as well as cultural spaces.

Our new EU project will enable us to increase our provision on Merseyside and allow us to develop new delivery methodologies.

Our aims:

  • Reinforce networks of creative hubs and co-working spaces at EU-level
  • Strengthen trans-national and trans-sectoral cooperation within the cultural and creative sectors via physical and digital means
  • Enhance exchanges of experience and best practice between EU creative hubs and between cultural and creative sectors
  • Provide capacity-building to creative hub managers and cultural and creative professionals and entrepreneurs
  • Draw lessons and conclusions for further policy making (on innovative business models, innovative schemes etc.)
  • Obtain EU funding for cultural and creative activities as well as national and other relevant funding opportunities and contacts for the cultural and creative sector
  • Coaching support and tailored professional development and capacity-building
  • Hub managers/artist residencies, shadowing of another hub, “hot desking” and other sharing activities


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