INTERREG Atlantic Area – AYCH project approved

INTERREG Atlantic Area is an European funding programme that promotes transnational cooperation among 37 Atlantic regions of five European countries. With a total budget of € 185M, being €140M of European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), this programme cofinances cooperation projects in the fields of Innovation & Competitiveness, Resource Efficiency, Territorial Risks Management, Biodiversity and Natural & Cultural Assets.

“Atlantic Youth Creative Hubs”  is a project that will bring together the different areas of expertise from the contributing partners to address the themes of social innovation, creative and social entrepreneurship, incubation and retention of skills and capital, contributing to economic development and cohesion, in the Atlantic Area programme territories.

The project will capitalise on key assets – human capital and physical empty space – both locally and at transnational level, in order to propose new approaches and business models to raise (social) enterprise aspirations among young people/new graduates, re-design services that they interact with, develop new products and services and build thriving communities, through creative and digital industries.

Partners include:

Devon County Council United Kingdom

Plymouth College of Art United Kingdom

Plymouth City Council United Kingdom

Plymouth Culture United Kingdom

Pacificstream United Kingdom

Brest Métropole France

Ayuntamiento de Gijón Spain

Ashton Community Trust United Kingdom

Grand Angoulême France

Vida Lactea Spain

Conference of Atlantic Arc Cities France

Câmara Municipal de Santo Tirso Portugal

CARENE -Saint-NazaireAgglomération France

L’Ecole de design Nantes Atlantique France


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