Pacificstream have a new Creative Europe project that begins in May with a kick-off meeting in Spain. This project – ART CYCLING has the following objectives:

  • To contribute to innovation and creativity in the field of culture through artistic innovation and the testing of new business models.
  • To contribute to audience development improving access to cultural heritage works in the EU.
  • Engaging new audiences by innovative ways, improving the experience and deepen the relationship with them.
  • To enhance art-therapy and social inclusion through art creation

Up-cycling is about finding value and potential where it is not always obvious. People who face societal exclusion are familiar with this and are in a unique position to use up-cycling to change how we each view our communities, our environment, ourselves our culture and our art.
Up-cycling is an exciting movement that is growing quickly in popularity throughout Europe and around the world. Up-cycling is the process of repurposing discarded, unwanted or disposable objects into fresh, unique, handmade and artistic objects. It challenges consumer culture, impacting positively on environmental sustainability by the repurposing of objects and discouraging wastefulness. Up-cycling requires people to look around them and see how we can make new things out of the old from a creative-critical perspective.
ART-Cycling project proposes aims to build a community of mixed-ability art cyclers of decorative arts, formed by artists coming from different backgrounds and with different social situations, with and without disabilities, but sharing the critical vision of upc-ycling and reducing environmental impact of art production.
The project will constitute also an opportunity for new business starting up. Art cyclers will create a transnational cooperative, with an Art-cycled label and an on line catalog. They will be able of selling their works on line giving the project sustainability and providing income to the art- cyclers.

Artists will be formed on environmental impact, up-cycling design techniques, local craft, and social entrepreneurship, ICT in design and web production.


Intras Foundation  – Spain

Cultura 21 Nordic - Denmark

Pacificstream - United Kingdom

Retextil Foundation - Hungary

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