INTERREG Atlantic Area – AYCH project approved

INTERREG Atlantic Area is an European funding programme that promotes transnational cooperation among 37 Atlantic regions of five European countries. With a total budget of € 185M, being €140M of European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), this programme cofinances cooperation projects in the fields of Innovation & Competitiveness, Resource Efficiency, Territorial Risks Management, Biodiversity and Natural & Cultural Assets.

“Atlantic Youth Creative Hubs”  is a project that will bring together the different areas of expertise from the contributing partners to address the themes of social innovation, creative and social entrepreneurship, incubation and retention of skills and capital, contributing to economic development and cohesion, in the Atlantic Area programme territories.

The project will capitalise on key assets – human capital and physical empty space – both locally and at transnational level, in order to propose new approaches and business models to raise (social) enterprise aspirations among young people/new graduates, re-design services that they interact with, develop new products and services and build thriving communities, through creative and digital industries.

Partners include:

Devon County Council United Kingdom

Plymouth College of Art United Kingdom

Plymouth City Council United Kingdom

Plymouth Culture United Kingdom

Pacificstream United Kingdom

Brest Métropole France

Ayuntamiento de Gijón Spain

Ashton Community Trust United Kingdom

Grand Angoulême France

Vida Lactea Spain

Conference of Atlantic Arc Cities France

Câmara Municipal de Santo Tirso Portugal

CARENE -Saint-NazaireAgglomération France

L’Ecole de design Nantes Atlantique France


EMISEI, our Erasmus+ language project


Our successful language project that supports refugees is coming to an end. The coordinator is our partner in Rome, TIA formazione internazionale. Together with partners in Sweden, Norway and Iceland we will be developing language skills relating to ICT, digital and photography for teachers working with refugees.

We have been working with social media, innovative learning methods including action learning, job shadowing, practical workshops and photography.

Our new partner from Rome – CREWATIVE


Chi Siamo



L’idea Crewative nasce nel settembre 2016 dalla fusione di due termini inglesi che racchiudono il senso dell’iniziativa, fondato sul gruppo e la creatività. La passione per l’innovazione, per la cultura e soprattutto per i viaggi sono invece gli elementi che accomunano Fabio Boccio e Patrizia Pelliccioni, entrambi  professionisti affermati nel campo della formazione e con solidi background.

La nostra Mission

Siamo proiettati all’innovazione e al continuo sviluppo: diamo particolare importanza all’organizzazione, alla creazione e allo scambio di conoscenza.

“Al centro del nostro operato poniamo le persone”


Creative Europe Project – Citizen Artist

Our new Creative Europe project concluded this Autumn. ‘The Citizen Artist Incubator’ project is based on the realization that the arts have untapped potential in helping us overcome the problems we face today, a few artists have started to employ their craft in new ways that have a transformative impact and reach beyond their traditional territory. This phenomenon was formally recognized for the first time in June 2013 by the Aspen Institute, which defined Citizen Artists as:

Individuals who re-imagine the traditional notions of art-making, and who contribute to society either through the transformative power of their artistic abilities, or through proactive social engagement with the arts in realms including education, community building, diplomacy and healthcare.

Citizen Artists operate at the edge of artistic innovation and need, and thus bridge the gap between what over the last decades has come to be categorized as ‘high’ and ‘low’ (or ‘community arts’), and as ‘intrinsically’ versus ‘extrinsically’ generating value. Citizen Artists’ initiatives take many forms, but have one aspect in common that sets them apart: they seek to creatively engage with issues that concern them and then find ways to maximize social and/or civic impact by reaching new audiences and underrepresented groups. Developing and realizing such initiatives is exeptionally challenging; it requires a high level of artistic skill combined with a bird’s eye view, vision, creativity, adaptability, an entrepreneurial spirit and a network to create new partnerships. It is therefore not surprising that Citizen Artists remain few and their initiatives dispersed. The Citizen Artist Incubator is the first initiative worldwide, that has equipped a new, larger generation of performing artists with the skills, knowhow and network needed to succeed.


  • CulturePolis, Greece
  • Austrian Society for Cultural Economics and Policy Studies
  • Pacificstream – UK

Creative Europe Project ViSet

Basecamp Liverpool have been successful in a Culture Europe project to develop virtual environments for performances. Virtual Sets: Creating and promoting virtual sets for the performing arts, this two year project ended last year but has continued with developing new performances. Out of 62 projects submitted with an Italian lead partner, we’re one of four selected (37 out of 337 total were selected all over Europe).

ViSet promoted cutting-edge digital technologies for the arts, in order to demonstrate the many social, economic, commercial and cultural advantages of these technologies for the arts. We will do so by promoting the use of virtual stage sets in performing arts, including the use of interactive technologies, Virtual and Augmented Reality and remote-controlled applications. We will create a network of cultural operators that are capable of using new technologies for the performing arts (“providers”) linked in an online community with interested stakeholders such as festival organisers and theatres (“users”).

OBJECTIVES: demonstrate that these technologies enhance the aesthetics and overall cultural experience; can encourage the creativity of artists and cultural operators by opening new technical possibilities; increase international cooperation and markets in the creative sector (not limited by linguistic barriers, or transport issues, and driven by tech-savvy people with a generally international outlook); can create and diversify cultural career possibilities;  can assist in audience development by easily bringing the performances to the audience (rather than vice-versa) and by attracting the interest of today’s young generation.

ACTIONS: concretely this will take the form of 4 co-produced performances, prepared through distance cooperation and direct workshops. The latter will also be open to numerous local students and professionals in 4 countries. After the production process, we will focus on audience & market development, creating awareness and promoting take-up of the technologies by final beneficiaries (i.e. visitors as well as organisers of cultural performances and events). This will be based on a tour of the performances to the 4 participating countries in 4 dedicated festivals, with effective side-events, and a Europe-wide communications, dissemination and networking plan which builds on the examples of excellence of our four performances.  The partners are from, Spain, Italy and Serbia.

Basecamp Liverpool @ Baltic Creative

Our new studio in Baltic Creative is already full of new creatives, copy writers, developers, illustrators and designers. We are providing business support, workshops and creative portfolio advice. If you are interested in joining this vibrant creative hub get in touch via the web site: We operate as a not- for-profit organisation so we can keep our rates to a minimum. Check the range of packages on the web site.

Support for creatives

Pacificstream  provide free and impartial support to eligible start-up Liverpool based art and design practitioners and creative companies.

We can also provide portfolio advice and support the development of your creative practice. In this challenging economic climate there is a need for creative enterprises to focus on specific areas, to ensure sustainability and to create future growth.

If you are planning to start a business within the creative industries sector please contact us for an initial ‘one-2-one’ meeting to see how we can help you. If you have any questions and would like an appointment please email us.